Longevity is a hallmark of success for any company. The luxury watch market features several of them, including Patek Philippe established as far back as 1839. They are the last independent, family-owned manufacturer, giving them full creative license through the generations when producing their many classic timepieces. 

The Genevan brand also benefits from its own research and development department. They create and engineer all the individual parts of the movements, plus external components such as cases in their own workshops. All timepieces produced are finished and assembled in-house. They moved to their own new production building in Plan-Les-Ouates, where all their workshops are housed across 10 floors. (Read more in 'Building for the Future'.)

Patek Philippe timepieces are renowned and respected for their quality among connoisseurs and remain highly-valued. Their reputation, still enduring after so many years, clearly requires strong company values. Their mentality is embodied in the following 10 corporate values


Being independent and family-owned, Patek Philippe has complete creative freedom and controls its own destiny, vision and future. As mentioned, they design and craft all watches in-house, according to their own criteria and standards, which are depicted in their Directives of the Patek Philippe Seal. The brand is said to pride itself on its independent spirit, guaranteeing continuity, resilience and trustworthiness.


The brand is definitely part of Geneva’s great watchmaking tradition, founded in 1839. Their experience and artisanal techniques have merged seamlessly with their innovative spirit to create classic watches through the years. Patek Philippe’s master watchmakers and craftsmen are renowned in the industry.


The Swiss watchmakers constantly push the art of watchmaking, successfully filing over 100 patents, including twenty of major importance to the history of horology. The Patek Philippe Seal is seen as a quality hallmark that accommodates technological progress in the service of long-term improvements of the functionality, reliability and rate accuracy of watches.

Quality and Fine Workmanship

The brand’s founders set out to develop and manufacture the finest timepieces in the world. Quality and fine workmanship define the Patek Philippe brand to this day. This quality applies across the movements and the external elements, the technical concept, the performance of each function and the accuracy of the timepieces.


One of the many reasons Patek Philippe watches are so sought after. The manufacturer only produces small quantities due in part to the rigorous quality checks at all stages of the production process. Hand-finishing and precision engineering also mean each model is a precious, unique creation coveted by true connoisseurs.


The brand sees each timepiece as a legacy of centuries of experience and countless hours of craft. Along with the limited numbers produced, these watches are genuine assets, with many increasing in value over time. Patek Philippe watches are seen as good investments among collectors and advertised as family heirlooms, to be passed down the generations. Some models sell very well at auctions, including breaking pricing records.


The aesthetic appeal of Patek Philippe watches is an expression of their mechanical perfection. Their stunning designs have a timeless beauty and uniqueness. The style has inspired true timepiece classics. It defines the creation and subtly evolving modification of watches that simply retain their irresistibility.


The Patek Philippe Seal comes with a key criterion to provide the highest standard of after-sales service. This guarantees all timepieces receive the care and attention needed to function reliably for generations.


The brand sees their watches as a very personal and inimitable possession steeped in precious memories, the be built upon over generations. Their iconic adverts play on this, featuring tender loving, family moments. ( See previous article, Iconic Advertising Reinforces Patek Philippe Heritage https://globalwatches.co.uk/blog/cat/Patek+Philippe/post/iconic-advertising-reinforces-patek-philippe-heritage/ )Added to this, buying a Patek Philippe is often related to a an important moment in life, or as a precious gift.


A Patek Philippe timepiece is undoubtedly a precious, valuable item to delight family members for generations, either as an investment or for personal use. For the Genevan brand, they see owning a Patek Philippe as building a bridge from the past to the future, with families beginning their own tradition in the true sense of the word.


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