Patek Philippe’s ‘Rare Handcrafts 2020-2021’ exhibition was an ideal occasion to display its artisanal and mechanical perfection. Their four new handcrafted Minute Repeaters are works of art that perfectly reflect the Swiss brand’s near 200 years of heritage. 


Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat, Ref: 6002R-001

This exceptional, double-face wristwatch updates the collection by combining rose gold with a Grand Feu brown enamel decoration. The front face features a perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand, with the day, month and leap year in apertures. It also displays hours and minutes of mean solar time, plus the moon phases.

On the reverse side, the sidereal time, sky chart, phases and orbit of the moon are visible. This watch is highly prized by collectors, combining an impressive 12 complications, making it the second most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch. These include a tourbillon and a minute repeater that strikes on cathedral gongs, powered by a mechanically manual wound movement.

The hand-engraved rose gold case has a brown dial in Grand Feu champlevé and cloisonné enamel. In fact, the crowns, slide piece, hour/minute hands and fold-over clasp are all completely hand-engraved with volutes and arabesques. The strap is made of hand-stitched alligator leather with square scales and a hand-engraved fold-over clasp.

And, the watch is delivered with a pair of matching cufflinks.


Minute Repeater with a Retrograde Perpetual Calendar, Ref: 5304/301R-001 

This watch is a reinterpretation of the first Patek Philippe grand complication with a transparent sapphire-crystal dial, but it now comes in a new haute joaillerie rose gold version. The skill of mounting precious stones sparkles with the 80 flawless Top Wesselton baguette diamonds found in its bezel, lugs, and fold-over clasp.

This self-winding Grand Complication with minute repeater and retrograde perpetual calendar features a calendar display system with sapphire disks on its dial. The day, month and leap year, in apertures, are also visible, with the date and minute markers printed in white with golden powdered dots. 

The ‘leaf’ motif engraved on the white gold inserts adorns the sides of the case and is echoed on the off-center rose gold mini-rotor visible through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. The strap is made of hand-stitched, shiny black alligator leather with square scales, complemented by a diamond-set fold-over clasp.


Minute Repeater with a Perpetual Calendar, Ref: 5374G-001

This Grand Complication with minute repeater and perpetual calendar shines with technical excellence and elegance in a new white gold version with a Grand Feu blue enamel dial featuring a glossy finish. The minute repeater has ‘cathedral’ gongs wrapped almost twice around the movement with a prominent rich, deep sound.

The 42mm white gold case shape is distinguished by its interplay of curves and a concave bezel. This perfectly frames the blue enamel dial with gold applied Breguet numerals, displaying day, date, month, leap year, 24-hour indication by hands and moon phases.

The self-winding watch is finished in a shiny dusk blue alligator leather strap with scare scales, all hand-stitched, with a fold-over clasp.

Rare Handcrafts Minute Repeater For Ladies, Ref: 7040/250G-001 

The collection introduces a new model, with this new very refined white-gold model with a slightly larger diameter of 36mm. The ladies' minute repeater features an 18K gold dial plate which is hand-guilloched with a swirling pattern, then coated with transparent blue enamel. 

The bezel has 168 top Wesselton Pure diamonds set in a double row using the "Flamme®" technique. This frames the  gold dial plate with gold printed hour markers. The self-winding caliber is distinguished by the tuneful sound of its two classic gongs. The timepiece is finished with a hand-stitched ocean blue alligator leather strap with square scales and a diamond-set prong buckle.

These new models clearly demonstrate Patek Philiipe’s rich heritage of artisanal skills and mechanical excellence. The quest for perfection is ongoing for the Genevan luxury watchmakers.


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