Complex and innovative mechanical movements? Present. New materials and creative engineering? Again, present. The new RM 71-02 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman is most definitely a Richard Mille watch but, not as we know it.

This new collection is a veritable splash of colour and vibrant design. The 10 different varieties scream individuality and flamboyance. They are a synthesis of light, sound and glamour that reflect the 1970s. The timeless fashion and freedom of this decade is the inspiration behind these fabulous timepieces.

Most specifically, the rise of its enduring club culture, the roots of electronic and disco music. Think sequinned and leather outfits and costumes made with fabric that glittered. It was the era’s raw energy and freedom of expression that influenced the Swiss company’s Director of Creation and Development, Cécile Guenat. 


The new RM 71-02 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman is limited to 10 fully gem-set models, each featuring seven pieces. They differ in their assortment of stones, setting design and the decorative dial plate at their centre. 

The self-winding in-house CRMT1 tourbillon calibre, with a diamond-set oscillating weight, is prominent throughout the collection. The automatic winding tourbillon movement incorporates a variable-geometry rotor making it possible to set the rotor according to the owner’s activity level. 

Richard Mille's famous artistry and mechanical expertise is fully evident through the number of beautiful gems used in the watch’s case. Precious stones including amethyst, peridot, diamond, ruby and coloured sapphire produce vibrant colours and textures never seen before with this brand.


Each dial, a mere 0.9 mm in thickness, draws on two distinct universes: one more plant-based and the other more urban. They’re handset with ornamentals and coloured stones showcasing the highest level of technical craftsmanship. These combinations produce an energy and spirit unique to the new Talisman collection, again reflecting the disco fashion of the 70s.

A series of coloured metallic patent leather strap bracelets complement each timepiece. They start with one colour above the case, ending with a contrasting shade and play on light and texture. In another first for a Richard Mille collection, metallic leather treatment reinforces the impact of the coloured stones, channelling the glamour of 1970s fashion.


The New Models

The 10 new models in this new Richard Mille collection are:

Bianca - featuring pink sapphires, tsavorites, diamonds, peridots, rubies, hematite and pink opal. 941 stones used, weighing 4,96 carats. 

Carmen - featuring sapphires and yellow sapphires, diamonds, tsavorites, peridots, lapis lazuli, chrysolemon and malachite. 971 stones used, weighing 5,42 carats.

Diana - featuring sapphires, rubies, diamonds, lapis lazuli, white mother-of-pearl and turquoise. 915 stones used, weighing 5,19 carats.

Donna - featuring pink and yellow sapphires, diamonds, spessartites, rubies, pink opal and hematite. 823 stones used, weighing 3,88 carats.

Gloria - featuring pink and yellow sapphires, black spinels, spessartites, diamonds, pink opal, onyx and hematite. 967 stones used, weighing 5,26 carats.

Grace - featuring sapphires, pink sapphires, diamonds, amethysts, tsavorites, rubies, chrysoprase and opal. 964 stones used, weighing 5,05 carats.

Jane - featuring sapphires, yellow and pink sapphires, diamonds, spessartites, rubies, turquoise and opal. 962 stones used, weighing 4,95 carats.

Jessica -  featuring sapphires, yellow sapphires, diamonds, spessartites, turquoise, lapis lazuli and hematite. 954 stones used, weighing 5,58 carats.

Liz - featuring tsavorites, peridots, purple sapphires, amethysts, diamonds, sugilite, chrysolemon and malachite. 817 stones used, weighing 4,45 carats.

Paloma - featuring sapphires, pink sapphires, diamonds, pink mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, jasper, onyx and black spinels. 892 stones used, weighing 5,79 carats. 


The colours and textures making up this new collection are unique in haute horlogerie. The Swiss brand has yet again pushed the boundaries within the industry. The limited number of timepieces released arguably make each item as precious as the stones used to create themDyl.

For the lucky owners of one of these effervescent timepieces, it’s a step back in time as they head into the New Year with the new, groovy RM 71-02 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman.


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