A unique limited edition opportunity.

5975G Multi-scale chronograph - An Instant Cult Classic

We're not trying to hide it. This is a find we're very excited about, one that doesn't happen every day. Yes, it really is a beautiful watch, and - as you'd expect from Patek Philippe - it's stunningly crafted. And yes, OK, you'd feel a million dollars with it on your wrist. All true.

But it's more than that. In the Second World War, multi-scale dial watches were in demand because they had the potential to save lives, or alter situations on the battlefield. Since then, they have become highly sought-after by collectors. This is due to their technical appearance, usefulness, but also? There are hardly any of them around. 

What does "multi-scale" mean?

Looking at the dial of this 5975, you'll see there are three different scales. 

1. Pulsometer scale. This is calibrated to 15 "pulsations". This is designed to help doctors calculate a person's pulse rate easily and quickly. 

2. Telemeter scale. This is used to measure distance by measuring the relative difference between the speeds of light and sound. This had a battlefield application - using the telemeter, an army captain would be able to tell how far away the enemy was by measuring the flash of artillery and the resulting boom.

3. Tachymeter scale. This is used to measure speed over a set distance. 

What we find so interesting is that the 5975 has no registers, making it a very unusual chronograph. It really was developed to measure pulse, distance and speed. Not record it. This is what makes it a collector's dream.

The Patek Philippe 5975 is not a production watch, but a commemorative special edition of only 400 pieces. Set your heart racing? Not just yours. 

5575G World Time Moon - Waxing Lyrical

Watch enthusiasts the world over just love Patek World Timers (as they're affectionately known) and the 175th Anniversary Limited Edition is no exception. 

So it's no surprise that, of the limited edition collection that was launched three years ago, this watch is perhaps the most loved of all. And at Global Watches we're over the moon to have managed to get our hands on one. 

Collectors love this watch primarily because it's so romantic - conjuring up a bygone, almost mystical age. With the limited edition, Patek Philippe simply reinterpreted an already legendary model, giving it a hauntingly beautiful moon phase display on which a large, single moon turns clockwise at the centre of the dial against a star-studded night sky. Not only does it have a true, poetic beauty, it also - with astonishing accuracy - tracks the phases of the lunar cycle.

Like the 5975G, the 5575G is also a strictly limited edition to mark Patek Philippe's 175th Anniversary. There are only 1,300 in existence. Anywhere. 

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