The luxury watch market features mostly collections designed for men. It’s been that way for over a century yet, Patek Philippe gained recognition by selling an early model to a woman. 


Thierry Stern, Patek Philippe President, said: “Since the beginning, Patek Philippe was known through Queen Victoria, who bought a watch. It’s important that we always have a ladies line. Ladies need their own watches, not a man’s watch with a few diamonds but, a real design for ladies.”

Their lavishly decorated pocket and pendant watches proved very popular with female customers, especially among royalty. As far back as 1868, a Hungarian Countess Koscowicz commissioned the first Swiss-made wristwatch. The manufacturer's first strike work wristwatch in 1916 was a ladies’ timepiece with a five-minute repeater. 

A growing demand for wristwatches during the art deco period provided Patek Philippe further opportunity to demonstrate its affinity with female tastes. They crafted countless models with different shapes and decorations.


In 1999, they launched the Twenty~4 range of watches, epitomising timeless feminine elegance. It was conceived for the active and modern woman, the perfect choice for every moment of her life, day or night. It’s a collection to complement all facets of daily life; at work, with family, at private and social engagements and for leisure.

The manchette watch features a quartz movement and came in various stainless steel and gold versions. An Haute Joaillerie model launched in 2003 came with a manually wound mechanical movement. The timeless design of the Twenty~4 has become a modern classic, bringing beauty to every moment of life for the independent, successful woman.

The Genevan watchmaker has updated the collection with three new versions this year. The round-case, Twenty~4 Automatic, offers two new models, one in steel adorned with an olive-green sunburst dial. The other is rose gold, with a gilded rose gold sunburst dial.


Twenty~4 Automatic Ref: 7300/1200A-011

It features a stainless steel case and an elegant olive-green dial, with 18k white gold-applied Arabic numerals and white gold hands. The case is lit with 160 hand-set Top Wesselton Pure diamonds using a lacework technique. It has a Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement.

Twenty~4 Automatic Ref: 7300/1200R-011

This watch comes in a rose gold case and gilded rose gold sunburst dial, with 18k rose gold-applied Arabic numerals and rose gold hands. The case is also lit with 160 hand-set Top Wesselton Pure diamonds using a lacework technique. It has a similar Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement.

Twenty~4 Ref: 4910/1201R-001

This ‘manchette’ or cuff-style model with its cambered rectangular case and quartz movement now includes a new version. It’s created with a rose gold case and a chocolate-brown sunburst dial featuring 18k rose gold-applied Arabic numerals and trapeze-shaped hour markers. The case is set with 34 Top Wesselton Pure diamonds in two vertical lines.

These new models are very much designed to celebrate the traditions and moments of the modern woman. In keeping up with the times, Patek Philippe is also reinforcing its position in the ever-growing segment of mechanical ladies’ watches.


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