Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore has gained a reputation for being a powerful, muscular and sporty watch, paving the way for those that came after its debut, in 1993. The adventurous, free spirit attitude it portrays is perfectly embodied in the Swiss brand’s new ambassador, freerunner Sébastien Foucan

Based in Le Brassus, the luxury watchmaker draws inspiration from the region’s stunning forests, lakes, rocks, etc. The raw, rugged nature has also provided materials for the watch industry to evolve and thrive through the centuries.

The Royal Oak Offshore collection, also known as ‘The Beast’, is very much a wristwatch that's seen as defying conventions, reinventing itself in ever more creative and technical ways. This includes using a variety of unyielding materials, sizes and colours.

It’s also a more robust and sportier take on the Royal Oak, on which it was based. The 42mm case is an example of this and paved the way for larger-sized watches. The mega-tapisserie design of the dial adds to the watch’s sporty aesthetics. 

Audemars Piguet definitely looks to break watchmaking boundaries with their Royal Oak Offshore collection, while maintaining the finest traditions of their craft. Using the environment to find new ways of expressing themself most definitely applies to Sébastien Foucan too.

Born in Paris, he’s the creator of freerunning, after being one of the founders of parkour with his local friends. The pioneer is also well known for the exhilarating opening scene in Casino Royale, the James Bond film. 

In a previous interview with Sports Management, he stated: “My style began to evolve into what I eventually named freerunning, which is about expressing yourself in your environment without limitation. If I had to explain the difference between parkour and freerunning, parkour is efficiency, it’s getting past obstacles to get from A to B, whereas freerunning is more about flips and tricks and creativity.”

For Foucan, his craft is a lifestyle and a philosophy, not just the actual act of jumping off walls and between obstacles. Freerunning is something he does every single day, it’s a constant work in progress. This is someone who clearly has a passion for constantly experimenting to create something new.

His supreme talent has been seen in many Hollywood movies, music videos and even on tour with Madonna. People can learn the art of freerunning at one of his Foucan Freerunning Academies. This innovator and free spirit who constantly pushes the limits of feasibility is an ideal choice as an ambassador for ‘The Beast’.


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