A new year brings excitement as new watch collections are revealed. Sadly, it also means other models are no longer produced. Patek Philippe, the independent, family-owned fine watchmakers have released their list of discontinued watches for 2021. We take a look at some of the standout watches on the ‘run-out’ list.


Jumbo Nautilus - Ref. 5711/1A-010

Production of the blue dial version of the luxury sports watch will stop. This timepiece features the rounded octagonal shaped bezel and a horizontally embossed dial. The Nautilus has epitomized the elegant sports watch since 1976. 


Grandes Complications Sky Moon Tourbillon - Ref. 6002G-010

The famous Reference 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon is created with 12 complications. It has an extraordinary white-gold case entirely hand-engraved with elegant volutes. The black dial features cloisonné and champlevé enamel motifs. 


Grand Complications Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar - Ref. 5374P-001

This Grand Complication sports a new face and a platinum case with gentle cambers and rounds emphasized by the concave bezel and the satin-finished, recessed flanks. The black dial in genuine enamel carries applied Breguet numerals and recessed counters.


Annual Calendar Moonphase – Ref. 5146G, 5146J & 5146R

The patented annual calendar was launched in 1996 and has been a success story since then. Indicating the day of the week, the date and the month, and requiring correction only once a year, this ingenious mechanism has emerged as one of Patek Philippe’s flagship models. 


Flyback Chronograph with Annual Calendar – Ref. 5905P-010

The chronograph features prominently in the vast range of complications in which the Genevan brand has demonstrated its virtuosity. For over 175 years, they have created a wealth of different models, many of which count among the timepieces most admired and sought after by connoisseurs and collectors.


Calatrava Haute Joaillerie – Ref. 4899/901G-001

This watch exudes ultra-feminine allure in its beautiful blue hue. The softly rounded contours of the white gold case are set with staggered rows of diamonds, interspersed with sapphires in varying intensities of color. The lower part of the dial features diamonds with blue sapphires in a 'random' or 'snow' setting, while the upper part, in mother-of-pearl, features a hand-engraved feather motif in delicate blue tints.


Gondolo Serata - Ref. 4972G-001 & 4972/1G-001

Recognised as a ‘form’ watch, due to its non-round case, they feature distinctive rectangular, tonneau- or cushion-shaped cases. Their strong lines, timeless style and geometric simplicity are a contemporary interpretation of the art deco style. In introducing the Gondolo, the Swiss watchmaker has reinterpreted some of the historical pieces that are part of its heritage and may be admired in their museum.


Complications World Time – Ref. 5131/1P-001

The center of the dial depicts the world in cloisonné enamel, for the first time from the perspective of the North Pole. It is an unusual view with depth and realism created by the artist with numerous coatings of different enamel paint colors. The platinum case and bracelet pay homage to the Far North, cloaking it with a silvery sheen.

Watch lovers and connoisseurs will undoubtedly show an interest in Patek Philippe’s new timepieces released this year. Many will be just as interested in the discontinued watches, especially collectors. 

In the world of fine watches, a timepiece that’s no longer manufactured can be more valuable, and sought-after, than the newer models. 



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